Astalift skincare review – Jelly aquarysta, cleansing oil, day cream, night cream, eye cream

Review of Astalift products CLICK HERE to watch it in video!

Astalift discovery collection (set).

Hello! I am very excited to do this post. I first heard of Astalift about 2 years a go in Japan. This company has been around in UK for a year now, and they are doing well – I am not surprised, their products are really effective.

I purchased “discovery collection” (above photo) which retails for 49GBP (it says 45, but the price increased few months ago), but the products inside worth 94.95GBP. Still pricey, but if you are interested in Astalift products in general, it’s definitely worth it.

I started off using just “Jelly Aquarysta” which is their best seller serum, and noticed difference after 3 days of use. It is really rare for me to see the good difference on my skin especially anti-aging products, got excited and bought full range of Astalift products.

So, the review is from the order of using the products,

*Complete make up remover oil – Astalift also has gel make up remover, but I prefer oil form as it takes make up off quicker than gel. I used to use Shu Uemura cleansing oil for over 7 years, but now, I really like Astalift ones a lot better. Shu Uemura one did a great job of taking all of my make up off, but, they also strip off moisture and oils in my skin that felt important to have. Astalift takes all of my make up off, but moisture in my skin is still there. Love it.

*Moisture foam cleanser – as name suggests, it leaves good moisture level in my skin. I wasn’t really caring foam cleansers and I’ve been using La Roche Posey’s cleansing foam for years, but definitely this is better. It is 19GBP and 100g, so worth the price or not is debatable, but it is definitely good foam cleanser.

*Jelly Aquarysta – this is what everyone is raving about, and Astalift is famous for:

I used up 15g pot from Discovery Collection within 3-4 weeks, and decided definitely needed the biggest pot. This is 60g pot – the biggest you can get. It comes with a stand and a spatula. They are both very useful. It does plum up your skin almost immediately. But you have to be careful when you are applying it as it sinks in to your skin really quick, so don’t take time, be efficient. Also, if you don’t apply cream or next step quickly, it evaporates from your skin quickly too! So this step should be fast. You apply straight after washing your face.

*Priming Lotion – IT IS VERY EFFECTIVE if I combine with Jelly Aquarysta. I was surprised how much difference this makes. It basically works together with Jelly Aquarysta. Priming lotion locks in the serum. I love this product, slightly pricey but lasts for a while. Good investment.

*Day Cream OR Night Cream – they are both similar colour but texture and consentration of Astaxanthin is different. Night cream is thicker, and have regeneration properties, and day cream is more jelly like and get absorbed in your skin quickly.

*Eye cream – I like this eye cream but I wasn’t wowed by it. Since I started using this eye cream, I don’t suffer from dryness, nicely moisturized, and really comfortable. I guess that’s what great eye cream should be like. But you cannot expect overnight transformation of your eye areas with this eye cream.

So, these are everything I use every day. I have all-Astalift routine now for a month, and I won’t be changing it for a while.

Lastly, Astalift products have active ingredients called astaxanthin, which you can find it in some shellfish and fish. It is naturally orangy-red (that is why all of Astalift has that colour). This substance stimulates and boost up your natural collagen level in your skin. This products definitely get inside of your skin and work effectively. This is really the first anti-aging products that results comes fast, I would recommend using them as they are really good.

They are still new in UK and doing lots of promotions regularly.. they were giving out this set:

Radiance boosting trio set – comes with eye cream, sheet mask, and day cream.

You can find out more about them from their website:

If you were to shop for them I find regular promotions from, and in the UK.

Hope it helped, and .. speak to you soon!

-LoveBezuki X




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