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So after some trial and errors, I came to this simple facemask that you can pull together from your kitchen cupboard. This is amazing for brightening, moisturizing, and also anti acne.

It really really works! If you ever make this yourself, please let me know how it went! Would love to hear your thoughts.

4 Simple ingredients:

*Oatmeal – finely milled powder ones are great. You can just buy normal oats and food blender it, or use oat flour. That small grains are great for massaging the skin, it’s not harsh at all.
*Honey – normal honey is great, but if you are suffering from acne and want to have stronger anti acne effect, then I recommend manuka honey. They are special type of honey from New Zealand, have stronger anti bacterial effect
*Yogurt – normal plain yogurt or greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is thicker, so it is easier to deal with.
*Green tea – Either green tea powder (maccha) or if you cannot access to maccha then normal tea bags are great. If you are using tea bags, you need to put it in the end, infuse it at least over night, if not two nights. If you are wanting to have stronger brightening effect, then use two/three tea bags.

Mix everything together, and you can keep this up to a week.
It is easy to make, simple and very inexpensive. Hope you enjoyed!

-LoveBezuki XX
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