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It will be a looong blog post, so if you are planning to read through, you might need a cup of tea.

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Nars Lip Pencil in “YU”: Love this, my favorite pink. Bright blue toned almost fluorescent pink. Easy to wear, last for a long time, no irritation on my lip. I already used up 20% of it, so I am gonna have to buy a new one sometime very soon.

Nars Guy Bourdin Palette: I’ve used so much during 2014, it was a Christmas limited collection in 2013. My cheek lived in this thing for whole 2014. So obviously I bought the limited cheek pallete in 2014 Christmas! Nars just did it for me… it maybe a new obsession.

Mote Mascara Long & Heroine Make Eye Liner: Both from Japanese drugstore product. The mascara was the new release in 2014, and very accessible brand. You can even get them from supermarkets. Eye liners are around since long time ago. Mascara is very fiber-y so it lengthen like crazy. I love Japanese drugstore mascaras, they work amazingly well. Eye liner – this one is definitely by far the best eyeliners I ever use.. pointy, long wearing, opaque.. nothing more I ask for!

Lanvin Jeanne: My signature scent. I have been wearing this for the past few years. I am very sensitive to the smell in general, and I particularly like the fact that his perfume does not disturb when I am eating. It is very fresh raspberry scents, with very light floral, and it fades into really fresh subtle scents. I think I am gonna have this in the future too!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: I have this thing for a long time and I think this is the best. In my past I owned about 5, and this is by far the best. No pain, and it does a good job without damaging my eyelash.

MAC Eyeshadows in Rice Paper, Print, Blanc Type, Omega: Eyeshadows were very difficult to choose as I had lots of favorites. In the end, I came back to my basic and decided to show you what I use almost every day in 2014. Blanc Type is matte, lighter than my skin tone and great for contouring. I use this for top of my nose, also brow bone area. Print, I use for my brows. It is a great eye brow color for me especially if you have dark hair color. Rice Paper looks slightly yellowy when it is in the pan, but on skin it is completely different. Very frosty highly light reflective colour, I usually use this in my inner corner of my eyes or very lightly on my cheek bones. Omega is a crease colour for me. Just slightly darker than my skin so its great when you don’t want a big definition.

Real Technique Brushes: Out of all my makeup brushes, these three are the most that I’ve reached out for. They are all synthetic, washes very well and dries fast. In my opinion, they are better quality than some of the really high end real hair brushes. I am going to buy some more when I go to UK soon!

RMK Gel Creamy Foundation in 102 and 103: My staples. I mix these two colours to create my perfect match. This foundation is sheer coverage, moisturizing, very skin like finish, and comes in plastic container. It definitely my travel buddy. I always have to have this in my makeup kit.

Shiseido Nail Polish Remover: This is very accessible in Japan, sold in supermarkets, drugstore, and so on. This leaves my skin and nail moisturized, no funny smells, and it takes off the polish real quick! I’ve tried lots from Boots in the UK, but this was something that I still bought in Japan, brought back to UK when I used to live there. It is worth a try.

Astalift Moisture Foam: As name suggest, this is very moisturizing face wash that does a great job of removing dirt from your face, but still leaves moisture on your skin. I was into “natural” skincare in 2014, this is NOT a natural products, but … had to keep this in my collection as this is so good!

SK2 Stem Power Moisturizer: Again, this is not natural. But this instant result of your skin feeling great. It gets addictive. Best random purchase I’ve ever done at the airport! Now I need this eye cream to go with..

Melvita Extraordinary Flower Water: I am a big fan of this for a long time. Once you get over the “sticky” feeling you get on your skin, you feel the benefit. It contains high concentration of hyaluronic acid, and keeps your skin instantly hydrated. I have the rose one just now, but I also love all the other types of this range, I toss around depending on the season.

Nuxe Lip Balm: everyone’s favorite, and it is also my favorite. Smells gorgeous, last for a long time, and for amount it lasts, it is a great cost performance. I cheekily use this on my hand too time to time when I am outside. I buy this at feelunique when they do “30% off” sales.

Organic Deodrant: I wanted to use something natural under my arm more than half of the things you apply to your skin gets absorbed. I found this at Cosme Kitchen in Japan, and I really liked how it felt. But you have to remember that those natural products is not heavy duty – after the gym, I need non natural ones as I need chemical one …

Coconut oil: It is increasingly becoming popular in Japan. For most of 2014, I had 1 pot for eating, and 1 pot for skincare. It is a miracle product.. you apply as a moisturizer, hand cream, hair treatment, makeup remover… you name it it works. My husband loves this on his bread every morning. I put mine in my porridge.

Manuka Honey: One thing I never skipped in 2014 was having Manuka Honey on a daily basis. I started this 3 years ago, and continuing since. In the beginning I tried so many different company’s Manuka, and I settled on Comvita as theirs tastes the best out of all the certified Manuka honey brand. I love it! They are expensive, but it suppose to vitalize you, I guess it is like a supplement. I will continue in 2015!

Tomizawa Dried Fruits: This shop, I know from my childhood as my mother always have been shopping from this place. I love their dried Fig, Mango, Dates, Raisins, and Apricots.

Tomizawa Nuts and Cacao Nibs: Continuing from my previous photo, nuts and cacao nibs from the same shop. The quality of food in this place is great!

Lindt Chocolates: my favorite chocolate company. I like their dark chocolates especially and every day half a box is consumed by me. My current obsession is dark chocolate caramel with touch of sea salt, they are so gorgeous! I am definitely stocking these up in UK, as they are so expensive in Japan, almost triple of the price.

Green Tea Megami: My favorite of favorite. This is definitely something. It has a deep flavor, yet “sweet”. It is definitely worth a try.

Organic Green Tea: They are called Ibuki and Asahi. New finding for me in 2014. I was on a hunt for a organic green tea, these are the ones that stood out the most. They taste the same as normal green tea and the price range is also very similar. Most of the organic tea does not taste so good, so I am very happy with these two findings!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this post for a long time, and … I will speak to you soon!
Lots of love,

-LoveBezuki XX
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