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In Japan most of the winter days are sunny. That is one thing very different from UK. So, though it is as cold as UK, you feel like getting out more and feels like a real waste if you are just sitting inside your office or home.
With random train ride and quick google search, we reached to a funky cafe.


Since it was my walking day I put my pink trainers on. I can only take these babies out when it’s sunny as this made of suede. High top pony tail is definitely my go to hair style for lazy day like today.

今日はタダ長い散歩をする予定だったのでピンクのスニーカーにしてみました。スエードで出来ているので外に出れるのは晴れの日だけ。髪型はLazy Dayの定番のハイトップポニーテール。

Atmosphere was very chilled out. Old yet modern American style with comfy and friendly environment. Food was not too American, I had a steak salad followed by carrot cake. Carrot cake! It is my first time since I moved to Japan I see it on a menu. It was something I used to have regularly in UK, so suddenly I had a mental attachment to this place. I should probably invest in a town bike, so I can get to random place more randomly!


-LoveBezuki X

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