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Sometimes in life there are few things that is easy to carry on, not noticing it might not be good for you. Or, simply things you love might be little too old to hold on to, and ready to have something fresh.

So today, I would like to share with you some of the things I decided to release it from me.

1 My job

It was a difficult decision as I loved this company for many years. In fact quitting was as difficult as getting a job, even more. There were few things happening to the company I used to work for, there were lots of changes, I was tossed around different division, and I landed on a sector where I didn’t imagine I would be there one day. Don’t get me wrong, most of the people I worked with was good, I really ran out of my energy for doing something I don’t have my heart for. I was there for a while, but it took me 3 months to come to this conclusion – I start fresh in 2015. So, I did.

2 My favorite shoes

From very serious topic to not-so-life-changing-topic. For me, I actually deeply in love with this shoes that it is almost as serious as letting my job go. It’s from the company called ECCO, there are few shops around in Japan now.
Their shoes are extremely comfortable. You might think that it is not a fashonista place to shop, but seriously, you will find a gem there time to time. It is definitely THE shoe company that provides comfort. Love, but too old and time to say goodbye. Desperately need a replacement as good as this.

3 Chanel nail polishes

God knows how long I hold on to these two! They were both “must-go-to” nail polishes from … University time? I remember I always wanted Miami Peach on my nails when I was board of dissertation. Well, that tells the time how long I hold onto this, as a result they are now too old. 203 Miami Peach was my perfect coral for me. I painted my nails one last time, it still brings back the memory of slacking my Uni work with my housemates, painting my nails and sipping our tea for hours.

These things are the things that is difficult for me to let them go, but now I can bring in new great things in those space.

Hope you are all having a great day.

-LoveBezuki XX

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