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This year went with a speed of sound. I guess that means a lot of things has happened, and in fact, it did. Both goods and bad. I just cannot imagine one year has passed since we moved to Japan! I hope you had an amazing year wherever you are and whatever you do.

I thought I would share what I got for Christmas. But I only share the highlights – I received a lot of food related things, but I will pass on that – it will just be tea, coffee, cookies, chocolates …. which I all love, but it you know what I mean.

So, without further do..

I was super excited when I found this in my stocking. I don’t need to say anything anymore…. right? If you are a Tiffany lover, you feel my excitement! I won’t eat these, I will hang on till it’s moldy!

My husband always gives me Godiva chocolate – I am not complaining by the way, I feel spoiled on my birthdays and Christmas. The box is actually spectacular, this one especially… Now I am finding a new home for this one.

I was super excited when I saw this – lost for words. I was not expecting anything for Christmas as we had an extremely busy year in 2014, and no time to really think about Christmas and never mind about the presents. Now I completed a set of earrings and necklace. I get easily used to this luxury, I am already thinking what would Santa bring in 2015 Christmas lol.

Hope you had an amazing holiday season, and very belated “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” from me. Hope this year will bring you a lot of joy and fun in your life, and you achieve whatever you wanted to do.

Lots of love,
LoveBezuki X

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