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2014 was a good year for Lipsticks for me. I found a lot of good ones, and really developed my “taste” for lipsticks. I generally like strong color lipsticks, and slightly matte texture. Colour has to be intense and long lasting – but the most important thing for me in lipstick is “it does not irritate my lips”.

I have such a sensitive lips that I can only wear some lipsticks. So, I guess my recommendation would be safe for sensitive lips out there…

So, here’s my top 5 in 2014 without particular order – they are all equally loved by me.

Tom Ford 15 Wild Ginger
This definitely need to mention first, as I have longest relationship with this lipstick out of all 5. Love at first sight at launch, and still in love with this. It is my go-to red lipstick, amazing colour pay off and long lasting. If I wear more than 8 hours then I might feel little dry towards the end of the day, but it is still there. It fades evenly and nicely, and it survives food and drinks. I can really rely on this. This colour complements lots of skin tones, this is the only lipstick I have to have a back up stock. THEY DON’T SELL THIS IN JAPAN .. what?! I still don’t understand this, but this is something I have to live with. I buy my back ups when I travel to UK.

MAC Morange
Strong orange lipstick. It makes my look instantly modern. I’ve reached out for this during this summer. Orange is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are board of pinks, nudes and reds, then orange will give you a fresh feel. MAC lipstick is very nice colour pay off, but it gets quite dry after 6 hours of wearing it. Still love it though, but no more than 6 hours for me as I get blistered lips for next few days.

Organic Glam Red
Organic Glam is the makeup line of the famous skincare brand “Organic Pharmacy” – love both of their skincares and makeup. This is seriously the best finds this year – lipstick texture is AMAZING! I can wear it for whole day, it gets dry a little but if I re-apply then it’s fine. I never ever experienced any blister or irritation on my lip with this product. Only concern is that the packaging feels little plastic-y and there are very little product in there… I am going through this real quick! Also, I hope they bring out more colour range as I love this so much!

Nars Satin Lip Pencil Yu
This made me go crazy for 2 weeks, non stop. I just HAD TO wear them, everyday. It is a gorgeous blue toned bright pink colour. Although it is satin finish, the colour pay off is great. It has a shiny finish, but the opacity is almost the same as matte lipstick. It is going real quick, I need to get a new one very soon.

Georgio Armani Lip Mastro 504
Effect is instant and your lip gets seriously stained with the colour – I mean I don’t mean it in a negative way, I find it amazing. Your lip really become that colour! Once it’s on, it is never gonna go away, so it is pretty much safe for whole day. It’s deep fuschia red colour, it is definitely more winter pink than bright summer pinks. It does not dry on my lip which I also like about. Only thing you have to remember though…. is you will have some difficulties removing them.

This is a quick swipe of colours if you are interested. They are all very highly intensive colours that will cover up your lip completely!

So, these are what I really love currently. As you can see they are all strong coloured lipsticks. Well, they will lift up your style instantly, and it is a easy “cheat” item.

Hope you enjoyed and speak to you soon!

-LoveBezuki XX

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DIY Pinecone Decoration | LoveBezuki Christmas & Holiday

Hello hello – it’s time of the year again.

Hope you are all well! Japan is finally getting cold, max temp is around 15C at the moment. Everywhere started to have Christmas decorations now, and I want to show you today how to make very affordable, but still looks quite “professional” easy decoration you can make.

For this you need …

*Pinecone – as many as you want, I picked mine at the park, so it was free.

*White acrylic paint – any acrylic white (or other colour of you choice) would do.

*A Brush

*Optional – Glue and Glitter (I bought these ….)

So total cost for this project was 200JPY for me (1.5GBP/2USD), cost of glue and glitters.

STEP 1 : Wash your pinecones and dry them for a day – I highly recommend doing this as if you pick them at the park, they may have gone through something that you might not be happy with (ie, bird poo & dog pee).

STEP 2: Paint your pinecones roughly. I like “rough” look better than neat as they look more professional. If you think this process would take too long, spray paint is a good option.

Acrylic paints dry quickly, if you like quite masculine frosty look, then you can stop here, but I like sparkles, so I added bit of glitters on some pinecones.

STEP 3: Add glitters with glue. Wash the brush you used for the acrylic paint, and now you can use this for applying the glue.

It’s messy process, but very easy, you can decide how much glitters you want etc – I just wanted to have glitters on tips.

End product is absolutely gorgeous – very easy, fail free cute decoration you may want to try! Currently my deco-ed pinecones are on the side board alongside with all the other Christmas decorations.

Happy Holiday!

-LoveBezuki XX

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Cambridge Satchel Company vs Leather Satchel Company | Full Review | LoveBezuki


I probably am very late on this topic of “leather satchel bags”, as they had a big boom about 2 years ago. Well, “trend” might have gone, but I am having my own moment of “Satchel Fever”, I frikin love them. I believe there are many of you out there still loving those bags and wondering which ones to get.

I really hope this blog post/video will help you deciding where to get them from.

So I own these 3 bags for over a month now and I can’t tell you how much I adore them.

*Cambridge Satchel Company 15inch Bathchel (=satchel+briefcase) in chocolate brown

*Leather Satchel Company 14inch in matte black

*Leather Satchel Company 11inch in candy pink

So if you compare the both companies are there any difference? Which one do I recommend? – Especially if you are online shopping like I did, it is hard to tell the quality of leather and small details and etc.

Here’s my honest opinion.

<Quality of Leather> Cambridge Satchel Company has “thin and hard” texture. Leather Satchel Company has “thick and soft” texture. I personally prefer the Leather Satchel one. It gives very luxurious feel when you are handling it.

Leather Satchel Company one has very smooth texture. (Above)

I am not sure if you could see, but as shown above, Cambridge Satchel Company’s leather is slightly thinner. Texture is harder than Leather Satchel’s. Paint is also slightly shiny (little plastic-ey look).

<Details> What I mean here is stitching and hardware detailing. To tell you the conclusion, I am not happy with Cambridge Satchel’s details. As shown in the video, they didn’t stitch my hardware in a right place which makes it very difficult to close/open my bag. Cambridge Satchel also use this straight-lined buckle as shown in picture above, it does not work well when you want to access it quickly.

Well, I have no complaints for Leather Satchel Company, they are just done for perfection. Stitching is great, also the metal hardware is easy to use. Here’s more detailed pics from both of the companies.

Cambridge Satchel (above)

Cambridge Satchel (Above)

Above 4 are all Leather Satchel Company.

<Price Point> Well, generally speaking Leather Satchel Company is cheaper. They have more promotions more or starting price is slightly cheaper than Cambridge Satchel Company. Even better, Leather Satchel C. offers free 5yr guarantee.

Don’t get me wrong though, Cambridge Satchel C. is still great. I just wanted to give you a blunt opinion when you directly compare these 2 company. Things that they are definitely winning over Leather Satchel C. is their “marketing”. – Their website is very appealing, very well organised and easy to navigate through. I can’t deny they make you want to buy them. Also they are very trendy – their color collections are just superb, unique colors which no other company would have.  Many of you know “Cambridge Satchel Company” more as they fast-grew with their catchy story. There are lots of traditional satchel companies out there deserve more attention.

Either you want to go for “trendy” or “classic good leather” is up to you. If you are trendy-priority person, then Cambridge Satchel C. might be for you. If you want to invest in 1 good quality leather classic style/colour that all the satchel companies would have, then I would recommend Leather Satchel C..

Hope this helps you make a good decision which companies to go for!

Speak to you soon,

-LoveBezuki X

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July Favorites | LoveBezuki

July favorite time! This month for me has passes extremely quickly.

Bought 2 Banana Republic statement necklaces, which I LOVE. Makes your outfit instantly chic.

Who doesn’t like these sunglasses? I bought it for 1000JPY, there were so many different funky ones. I loved the orange-mirrored detail, fluorescent side. Summery!

To go with this lipstick (not really, but colours matches perfectly), I loved this Tom Ford lipstick called True Coral. Bright pinky-orangy coral colour which is very intense.

This palette from Tom Ford limited edition, already made a big dent in 2 months. I don’t know what I would do when this goes.

Perfume by Escada, Rokin Rio and foundation by RMK, gel creamy foundation 103. I wear 103 during the summer months and 102 in winter. Very moisturizing, easy wear, finish is very transparent. My staple foundation although I’ve been away from this for too long with all these moving houses etc. Missed it so much!

One last random favorite is cordial. It brings back the memories of UK. In Japan, squash/cordial is fashionable new thing, and they are pricey. You can get the same thing as the ones in the UK, but they are almost  4 times more of the price. My favorite is Elder Flower Cordial (Right) from this particular company, and the one of the left is given to me by my friend. I enjoyed them both this month.

Hope you enjoyed, and speak soon!

LoveBezuki X

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Fashion & Beauty Haul July 2014 | Sephora Asos | LoveBezuki

Hi everyone,

New videos up !! and some photos to follow after.

Here’s summary of what I got recently:


I am loving the dress by ASOS. Great shape, designs, and … amazing quality! I am very surprised as I wasn’t expecting it.



I found some summery colors of nail polish from the super markets – 100YEN shop. I never really buy makeup from there before, but they drew my attention.



Another dress from ASOS, this is definitely love and hate, and I am definitely on a “love” side. Have a deep V cut back, holographic sequins are something that I cannot say no to.


Lastly, this is very exciting for me. Ken (my friend) got me this bath and body works candle. It is hard to get a hold of bath and body works products here, so I am so happy that I got them!! Thank you K XX


That’s it for today! Speak to you soon!

-LoveBezuki X

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